A shower tip

Turn your shower to cold before you close the water. It will close your pores and make you less likely to get acne.

13th March 2019

The energy flow is important

We are all accustomed to believe that we need to take vitamins to improve our health. Although good nutrition, water and exercise are necessary for a healthy lifestyle requires our body also a constant energy flow. for example, the carrying our brain and nervous system electrical signals to our muscles to cause them to use stored chemical energy, so the contract. When you go out in the sun, resulting light…

2nd October 2016

What about your immune system ?

We all know that bacteria are bad for us and that they are everywhere, lurking behind the next corner, waiting for an opportunity to jump on us and invade our defenseless body. Therefore, we try to combat these potential invasive; we wash our hands all the time and we throw out food if it fell on the floor etc. For a good and strong immune system can keep multiple infections…

26th September 2016

How lack of sleep impacts your memory

It’s widely accepted that sleep is critical to a healthy brain. While we rest, the brain performs important tasks like consolidating memories and clearing toxins. Add stress to lack of sleep, and the brain really starts to stumble. A recently published study finds that sleep loss paired with acute stress negatively affects cognitive functions. In everyday situations—parenting, exams, doctors on call—stress and short sleep often go hand in hand. Even…

4th January 2016

Do you remember your youth ?

Now you can recapture that incredible feeling! Introducing a breakthrough approach to regaining the youthful vibrancy every man longs for. By promoting the body’s production of testosterone and helping to regulate estrogen, this new product improves sexual performance and desire, while offering other significant health benefits including increased energy.

26th September 2015

Boost your energy

If you as an athlete or just active want more energy and stamina, you can use a product that restores the body’s imbalances, so you get more out of your energy as well as a significantly higher fat burning. The product works immediately and are already used by several top athletes and sportsmen. There will be no physical material put into the body, but sent an energy frequency through the…

19th April 2015

This tea cleans your body

This tea mixture has been known to work wonders with diseases like cancer and dementia. In Asia, the most common ingredients for fighting against vomiting, nausea and many other afflictions was turmeric. This plant has been used there for cleaning the body from poisons for a long time. Ingredients: – 1/6 tsp of turmeric – half a tablespoon of ginger – half a tablespoon of cinnamon – a pinch of…

20th March 2015