Improved health

Our cells have photo receivers, which can take different light frequencies and boost the chemical changes that production of melatonin and vitamin D, which can promote healing.

Antioxidants like glutathione protects the liquid in the innermost of our cells and its environment against damage from free radicals and keeps Ages devastation from a distance.

Carnosine is an antioxidant like glutathione, which helps cells to get rid of waste. Glutathione is the mechanism that protects our body against the effects of aging, while carnosine is the antioxidant that repair the damage that has already occurred due to aging.

By keeping us well hydrated, eat good, organic food and increase energy production in our cells in order to keep them free of free radicals, we are able to prevent diseases.

By installing water filters on our faucets and/or revitalization facilities on the main water line and switch plastic bottles out of glass bottles, we can create a much better quality of drinking water, but also better use of water in general and to all its features.